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What is The Community Health Team Rhode Island?

Community Health Team RI is a new health care program for adults who have RI Medicaid coverage. It’s designed to help you get the care and services you need.  CareLink is the agency who will provide you with these services.

  • Works with your Primary Care Provider
  • Provides Client Advocacy
  • Health Education
  • Outreach to Health Resources
  • Health System Navigation
  • A team who understands the communities they serve

Who is eligible?

To be eligible for Community Health Team RI, you must:

  • Have RI Medicaid coverage
  • Live in the community
  • Not be in a care management program
  • Could benefit from a care management program
  • If enrollment criteria is met you will be automatically enrolled
  • Option to Opt Out monthly

Will any of my services or benefits change if I enroll in The Community Health Team RI Program?

With Community Health Team RI, you will continue to get all the services currently covered by Medicaid.

How does it work?

First, you will receive a letter from the Executive Office of Health and Human Services (EOHHS) letting you know you are eligible for the program and the enrollment start date. Then you will receive a call from the Community Health Team.  The Community Health Team will work with you to understand how they can help you get the care and services you need.

Which specialists can I use in The Community Health Team RI Program?  

You can use specialists that accept your Medicare or Medicaid.  Please call the Enrollment Help Line at 784-8877 to learn which specialists accept Medicaid.

Do I still keep my white Medicaid card (with the anchor on it)? 

Yes, be sure to keep this card.  RI Medicaid will continue to cover your services..

When will services start?

See the information in the attached letter for your start date.  Be sure to keep your white Medicaid card (with the anchor on it) for services covered by RI Medicaid.

Can I stay in Medicaid Fee-For-Service?


 For more information

Please call the Enrollment Help Line: 784-8877 or check the EOHHS website at www.eohhs.ri.gov